Music Production Resume

• Music Producer, Arranger, Singer/Songwriter, Vocalist, Keyboardist, Vocal Coach

• Graduated from Musicians Institute (Independent Artist Major, Vocal/Keyboard 

  Minor) and listed by the school as one of its most successful alumni

• Currently teaching at the Music Technology Department of Beijing Contemporary Music

  Academy’s Arrangement class and Music Production class

• Signed as a songwriter by Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG)

• Composed and produced the soundtrack for Marvel Comic’s 80th Anniversary video (Played in all Disney physical stores of Asian-Pacific Region)

• Created the band Tinderbox and served as creator/lead singer/arranger/producer 

• Stepped into the industry in 2007 as a keyboardist for the band

• Since coming to Los Angeles in 2015, has collaborated with numerous Grammy winners and nominees as well as internationally known musicians

• After graduation, primarily devoted to music production, arrangement, and education

• Music producer and arranger of TV shows such as Singer, Girls Fighting, We Are Blazing, Superband, etc.

• Exclusively cooperated with NetEase CloudMusic

• Music producer of Xiami Music’s light-seeking Collection

• Became one of the few successful female music producers in mainland China because of her

internationalized professional standard and aesthetic, and her uniquely characterized music producing and

arranging style



Singer Songwriter,Topliner





Sound effect




Chinese Mandarin

2010 - present

Collabrate Artist

Jefferson Qian (Vocal Coach, Music Instructor, Singer/Songwriter Development Mentor) 

Yu Quan (Arranger, Television Music producer)

NANA Ouyang (Arranger,Songwriting, Television Music producer)

Christy Chung (Producer, Songwriter, Arranger)

Fruit Planet  (Producer, Songwriter, Arranger)

Curley Gao(BONBON GIRLS)  (Producer, Arranger)

Juno Su (Producer, Songwriter, Arranger)

Hengyuan Zhang (Vocal Coach) 

Yahong Xiang (Vocal Coach) 

Jonas Seetoh (Producer, Arranger, Sound Engineer, etc.)

TFBOY (Television Music Producer)

Deng Chao (Television Music Producer) 

Barque of Dante (Sound Engineer, Producer) 

T11 (Original Television Soundtrack Music Producer)

Dongye Song (Keyboardist) 

A Si (Keyboardist) 

Da Fresh (Harmony Producer) 

Tinderbox (Leading Creator/ Producer/ Lead Singer)

Menglong Yu (Recording Supervisor, Session Player)

Tanya Chua (Recording Assistant)

Juliet (Producer, Arranger)

Rainbow Chamber Singers (Arranger, PGM Producer, Tutor)

More Feel (Arranger)

Sarah (Album Producer, Arranger)

Chenrui Wang (Arranger)

Jasmine Guo (Arranger)

Hanjin Tan (Vocal Producer)

Far East Lion Underground (Vocal Producer)

Youran Zhang @ Ladybees (Vocal Coach)

Dian Deng (Arrangement Producer)

Sis (Arrangement Producer)


2010 - present

Professional Experiences

Exclusive Interview Article:  Native Instrument  Pixie


  • Production, Songwriting, arranged, single Take it Off!  by Christy Chung on NetEase CloudMusic

  • Composed theme song for S10 season of League of Legends

  • Composer, arranger, and producer of TV Reality show SUPER BAND 2020 (明日之子) 

       - Song List: <Funkidz>,<Happy Fruit Planet Theme Song>,<Stay with me feat.Curly Gao>

  • Composed soundtrack for the 2021 advertising video for Disney physical stores of Asian-Pacific Region.

  • Composed lyrics and melody, produced, arranged, and mixed personal single You Already Noticed

  • Arranged, produced, and reorganized Last Dance for Sis on the TV show We Are Blazing

  • Composed Lyrics and melody, arranged, and produced single Influencer by Juno Su on NetEase CloudMusic

  • Composed, arranged, produced Single Give It Up featuring Neo Niu

  • Arranged and produced CRY by Dian Deng

  • Signed as a songwriter by Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) in the March of 2020 and authorized them the copyright 

  • Composed, arranged, produced, and was the session vocalist for Shuhua Sugar-Free Milk,Everyone Can Drink – the theme song of Yili Shuhua Milk commercial

  • Composed and produced the commercial soundtrack for TikTok Red Packet Dividing 2 Billion

  • Arranged and produced single Negative by Dian Deng

  • Produced and arranged single Rose Puppet by Jonas Seetoh

  • Professional Critic for Sing! China 2019

  • Composed and produced the soundtrack for Marvel Comic’s 80th Anniversary video (Played in all Disney physical stores of Asian-Pacific Region; available on July 16th, 2019 at San Diego Comic-Con) 

  • Produced and arranged single Summer Relaxation by Jonas Seetoh

  • Composed and produced theme song Missing You At Lingang of Lingang district, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

  • Produced and arranged Mama, These Are All Traps by Jonas Seetoh & Hanjin Tan

  • Arranged, produced, and recorded background vocal John Mora by Sarah Xinyu Liang

  • Produced and recorded background vocal in Chinese Bad Habit by Far East Movement &

  • Produced and recorded background vocal Hasbro commercial theme song

  • Produced and arranged website BiliBili 2018 Dancing Festival theme song BDF

  • Produced Mr. Seethoh for Jonas Seetoh and was nominated as The Best Jazz Album of 2018 CMIC Music Awards

  • Produced the 13-song album – Back of The Back: Part II by Sarah who is an artist of Xiami Music’s light-seeking Project

  • Composed melody, arranged, and produced the single The Silent Praise by Juno Su

  • Produced Back of The Back by Sarah who is an artist of Xiami Music’s light-seeking Project

  • Music Director and keyboardist for Juno Su’s live performances on Hunan Mango Cherry Blossom Music Festival 

  • Arranged and produced Left Behind as Juno Su’s competition repertoire on China Hunan TV live show Singer

  • Produced and arranged Cantonese single Still Remember Your Zodiac Sign by Chenrui Wang

  • Arranged and produced Thief as Juno Su’s competition repertoire on China Hunan TV live show Singer

  • Listed as a successful alumnus on Musician Institute’s Success Story

  • Arranged and produced Wolf as Juno Su’s competition repertoire on China Hunan TV live show Singer

  • Arranged single Kunkuo(Silhouette) by Jasmine Guo

  • Filmed advertisement for 2018 Migu G-Ker Awards & Gala as the musician Miss Comics – NIA

  • Produced and arranged single FALL by the band More Feel and collected in the album PROJECT STONE X by various artists of NetEase CloudMusic

  • Produced, arranged, and recorded single It’s Just A Christmas Day by Sarah who is an artist of Xiami Music’s Light-Seeking Project

  • Produced and arranged Stereo Heart by Some Fruit who is an artist of Xiami Music’s Light-Seeking Project and collected in the album The Museum of The Strange

  • Performed on the 2017 new product press conference for the German brand Native Instrument as their presentation artist of Chengdu tour

  • Composed and produced Costa Coffee’s Christmas commercial theme song for Tencent QQ Family